Ontario Traffic Ticket/Offence for
Trespass To Property Act

Trespass To Property Act Ticket/Offence

$65 fine, 0 points

What do I get in my Information Package?

  1. Options for you including plea options with lower fines and zero points which may keep your insurance rates from going up
  2. A Facts Sheet to assist you in recording the details of your ticket (time, date, location of your accident, etc.)
  3. Officer's testimony for your charge if you have a trial and how you can fight back
  4. Questions you can ask the Officer during a trial
  5. Detailed explanation of your charge, the fine you have to pay and the points on your licence
  6. An in depth explanation of the court and trial process
  7. How to get a copy of an accident report for your trial
  8. Detailed explanation of a ticket and when to set a court date
  9. Definitions

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